Red’s Round Up

What I’m Listening To:

Typology Podcast- Season 3 Episode 6 Knox and Jamie on Pop Culture

  • The Enneagram PLUS Knox and Jamie from The Popcast? Say no more. Their lighthearted conversation with Ian Morgan Cron is just the little bit of fun you need on the drive to work, while running errands, or doing laundry.

Taylor Swift- Lover

  • As I’ve stated before, I’m not a part of Taylor Nation. I was even peeved at the build up to this album (it was far drawn out). However, I’ve really enjoyed listening to Lover. Each repeat listen (and there have been many) allows me to enjoy each song more. If I’m getting in my car and driving somewhere, you can bet I am driving along to this album.


  • Who is late to the Lizzo party? 🙋🏼‍♀️ I will fully admit to it. However, I’m now in full blow Lizzo mode and I don’t care who knows it. I throw on a Lizzo song if I need to clean or get something done.

What I’m Eating & Drinking

Instant Pot Creamy Taco Pasta

  • Quick, easy, delicious and SIMPLE. This pasta dish blends Italian and Mexican. I cannot overstate how simple this recipe was. If you don’t want to deal with all the spices, use a packet of store bought taco seasoning.

Trader Joe’s Southwest Chicken Quesadilla

  • I picked these up on a whim while at Trader Joe’s for some smoothie ingredients. They have great flavor and are Tex Mex inspired. I had one for lunch with sour cream and felt it was plenty filling. The only downside is that only two come in the package. That’s a lot of packaging for two quesadillas.

Trader Joe’s Harvest Blend Herbal Tea

  • On my Instagram stories this week I was talking about tea, which I haven’t had in a while. While at Trader Joe’s picking up my smoothie essentials and the quesadillas, I also found this harvest blend to try. With chamomile as the base and notes of apple, chicory root, and cinnamon it’s the worded fall tea.

Leftover Birthday Cookie Cake 🤤

  • For my birthday, my friend Katie got me the cookie cake I had been desperately craving for a few weeks after seeing multiple people post about them on Instagram.

What I’m Reading

Lip Colors for Your Work Week

  • Are you afraid of lipstick or looking to spice up your work look? This post is for you!

The Complete Enneagram by Beatrice Chestnut

  • I’ve had an interest in the Enneagram for some time now. The subtypes have continued to confuse and intrigue me. The Complete Enneagram by Beatrice Chestnut is the authority on the subject of subtypes. If you’ve already figured out your Enneagram number (meaning you’ve done more than taken the test!) or if you’re still confused, this book dives deep into the types and their subtypes which will give you a better understanding no matter where you are in your Enneagram journey!

What I’m Watching

Kacey Musgraves “Slow Burn” Interview

    I stumbled upon this interview with Spacey Kacey on YouTube. She’s one of my favorite artists and this interview allows her to show her personality and the creativity behind her Grammy winning album Golden Hour.

Bingeing Christopher Allen Vlogs

  • I’ve been following Christopher on Instagram and YouTube for some time now, however, I’m terrible at consistently watching anything. I’ve recently rediscovered Christopher’s vlogs. He and his husband are very sweet together, I love watching them cook for one another and Christopher has such an easy way of making even the more basic aspects of life engaging and fun. Plus, his platform is based all on kindness!

Sneaking in episodes of Tiny House Nation

  • I will admit, we “hate watch” this show. I have a thing against tiny houses, they are so trendy and impractical for most stages of life. I think most people get into tiny house living and ultimately ditch their tiny homes because the reality isn’t as whimsical as they thought it would be. I guess I’m too practical. However, I enjoy the hosts of this show and they really drive home what a commitment is to go “tiny,” which I appreciate. I also enjoy watching how they make aspects of tiny living work (like hiding walls or beds). It’s a fun show to throw on and be just a little enraged by!

Have you tried anything on this list? Is there something you saw you’d like to try? Let me know in the comments or on Instagram

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