How to Fit into the Jeans

Do you want to fit in your clothes? Do you want to find clothes that are in your size? I’ll tell you how below!

Buy clothes that fit and shop at stores that are size inclusive. It’s that simple 🤗Don’t keep clothes that no longer fit. Don’t buy “motivational” clothing sizes. Don’t buy from brands like Lululemon who continually leave out sizes of the average size woman in the United States. That’s a size 16-18.

So many women spend too much time hating their bodies everyday, especially while staring in a closet of clothes that no longer fit. I’m all about knocking down self-imposed prisons. This is one of them. The size of your clothing has absolutely nothing to do with your worth or who you are as a person. Have you ever gone to a memorial for someone and heard their loved ones talk about what they looked like? Your legacy will not be defined by the size on a tag. Sizing for women’s clothing is a whole other topic (I’ve been one size in one brand and two or three sizes bigger in another’s). No, your legacy will be in your character, how you treated people, how you talked to those who weren’t so nice to you, how you loved and what you did, not how the dress fit in the dressing room.

So go out and shop at stores that care about representing all sizes. Get rid of the stuff that doesn’t fit. And buy clothes that fit your body right now.

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