Being at Odds Ain’t Always So Bad

I am at odds with this message. To be frank, I’ve been kind (and not so kind, who hasn’t?) to a lot of the wrong people over the years. I benefited some from being kind because being mean or angry doesn’t serve me ultimately. But to be kind and then never process how you are truly feeling shows up in so many ways. Mentally, physically, or worst of all, when your clothes get caught on a door knob 😅 Why does that always happen at the worst time?

With that, I’m also at odds with the picture in general. It’s fine. I don’t love it. But taking the 15 minutes to draw and letter this is good for me. It helps me process the feelings mentioned above. I don’t do this stuff often enough because well, you know, adult life + chronic illness.

So what I realized after creating this message and picture is that this message is For: Me Love: Me. I need to send that kindness inward. Maybe you do too. I extend grace after grace to everyone (especially those who probably don’t even know I’ve extended it) except myself. It’s time to do that. I’ve done it in regards to diet culture, I’ve begun to do so a bit in motherhood, but overall I haven’t been great about giving myself kindness.

So this is your sign to flick the devil off your shoulder who is “shoulding” you, telling you you need to work harder, you need to be nicer to people, you need your house to be spotless, you need to watch what your eating, you are not living up to _ expectation, & on and on. I’m rooting for you. I’m also going to be taking care of me too. Sometimes rooting for others while taking care of your own needs looks a lot like being at odds. But, as I’ve realized today, usually that’s where the solution lies.

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