Year of Books {YOB}

About a month ago I ditched Facebook. Like most people, I spent way too much time on Facebook, scrolling along until I was numb or until it was time for bed. I was getting nothing done. After multiple sad stories about dogs within a week, I decided I just couldn’t do it anymore. I deactivated.

At first, I (admittedly) logged onto my previous account to check in on some things (read, people), but I realized I might as well reactivate and be fully back on my current Facebook account. I went cold turkey after that decision, I deactivated my older account. But like all commitments, ideas, dreams, passions, etc. etc. I needed not only a “why” but a “what” to fill in what I would do in place of Facebook.

What would I do to fill this time? TV is just not my thing. I don’t really keep up with many TV shows and when I do it tends to be a binge sprint rather than a marathon. Or I will watch a bunch of episodes and the quickly abandon the TV show for a few weeks until I am ready to pick it up again. All that to say, TV is maybe slightly better than social media, I say this only do to the comparison aspect.

On top of it all, I wanted the time I had spent on Facebook to go toward something worthwhile. I also didn’t want to wait for the new year to start this new venture. I like the idea of starting a resolution any time of the year. I have wanted to see myself as a “reader” for quite some time now. I will admit that social media has gotten in the way of that goal for some time now. Along with my dream to get my blog back up and running, I decided I would declare this as my “Year of Books.”

What is a “Year of Books.” It’s simple really. I’ll read books, I’ll blog about them. It’s a simple accountability system, but also a way to engage with readers. I thought about writing out the list of books I have, but part of me doesn’t want to feel the weight of those books (as there are MANY). So I’ll keep it light and write about what books I am reading, what I have read, and what I may want to read soon.

Are you interested in a Year of Books (YOB)? How about doing your own YOB? Let me know if you have done something like this or what you’re interested in reading as 2017 winds down.

Cheers to the Year of Books!

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