Three Things Thursday: 3 Things to Add to Your Makeup Bag This Week

As my very first post and my very first Three Things Thursday, I chose to talk about 3 things to add to your makeup bag this week. Before I jump into those three things, I wanted to share with you how the series will work. It might not always be about makeup, it can be about three home products, three ideas to think about, three shows/podcasts to check out, etc. It can be whatever I am inspired by!

Now to the good stuff… the makeup! I have added three price points: under $10, around $10, and over $20. I go into more detail in my video about my own journey with experimenting with makeup and price points, but I am totally a fan of saving money and wanted to give you a range of price points so that if you’re not really up for spending a lot this week you still find something great.

Below $10

Maybelline Fit Me Foundation {Dewy & Smooth Version}


Image Credit: Ulta Beauty

Best bang for your buck when it comes to drugstore cosmetic brands. I hated this formula at first, but after putting it in the makeup drawer for a little bit and trying again within the last two weeks, I love it! The coverage is a nice blend of full coverage and light. It lasts all day and goes on smooth. I think this would make an excellent addition to your makeup bag for the summer because it goes on light, and at under $10 even if you do sweat it off this summer it’s extremely affordable!

(Note: there is a matte version for oily to normal skin that people LOVE as well. I have not tried the matte version yet, but maybe I’ll try it and compare the two!)

Where to get it:

Ulta Beauty: $7.99

Target: $5.25

Around $10

e.l.f Mad for Matte Eyeshadow Palette in Nude Mood


elf Matte Eyeshadow Palette

Image Credit: e.l.f. Cosmetics

There is a reason this palette has a perfect 5-star rating on Target’s website and a near perfect 4.6 stars on the e.l.f. website. These shadows are brightly pigmented and will work on a variety of skin tones. My suggestion is to use an eyeshadow primer (I love Urban Decay’s Primer Potion) to maximize on the color payoff (aka the strength of the pigment in an eyeshadow). The shades range from cool to warm, and the colors that fall in the middle are great for a toned-down smokey eye. With my skin tone, dark smokey eyes look unnatural, so I am excited to try a smokey eye this weekend!

(Note: they also have a summer shades edition with warmer, more coral-toned shades)

Where to get it:

e.l.f– $10

Target– $10

$20 & Above

Benefit Bad Gal Bang Mascara


Bad Gal Bang.jpg

Image Credit: Cult Beauty


My favorite, favorite mascara! I have never seen my lashed look like this. They’re longer than I ever thought possible, and really… I don’t know how Benefit does it! It looks like I’ve had a lash lift or extensions every time I wear it. I have even had people comment on my lashes with this mascara on and ask about it. There’s not too much to say about this, but I do love it. I am surprised by the 3.9-star review it has on Ulta! I think it might be because it makes your lashes so long it can transfer onto the upper eyelid, but just allow it extra time to dry while applying it before opening your eyes all the way. A little goes a long way so try not to apply more than 2 coats.

Where to get it:

Ulta– $24

Benefit Cosmetics– $24

Sephora– $24

That’s all for this week’s Three Things Thursday (TTT)! Did you like it? What would you like to see on TTT next week? Have you tried any of these products? Let me know in the comments below!

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