Tone It Up Bikini Series 2018

Tomorrow starts the Tone It Up Bikini Series and I am pumped to be joining in this year. Right now I have a sore throat which is discouraging, but I am planning on working out every morning to get into the routine.

TIU Bikini Series.jpg

So what is the Tone It Up Bikini Series?

Tone It Up is a community created by Katrina Scott and Karena Dawn. They’re personal trainers who became friends and started the company. Every year they hold several “series” or fitness/nutrition challenges. The challenges take place on the Tone It Up app and website, but the biggest turn out is on social media. The idea is to eat clean, participate in the daily workouts for 20 minutes, and complete the toning moves.

Explore the hashtag #tiubikiniseries or find @toneitup on Instagram! You can join the fun here.

My Week 1 Focus

I know myself and I know if I try to do everything (i.e. meal plan, meal prep, workout, etc.) I will burn out and burn out fast. After a very quick self-reflection, I will simply be aiming to workout each day for 20 minutes and do the toning moves. Simple. As. That. There is no point in my trying to change everything in a matter of hours because that’s really what it boils down to. B is picking us up Meatheads burgers and fries as I type this and I am expected to have everything planned and prepped by tonight? PLUS I have to lesson plan and work on my online classwork. I want to change for the better, not to aim for something unattainable!

Tone It Up Inspiration

Make sure you follow these ladies on Instagram. They are Bikini Series vets and have attained some true greatness.

@nehabeauty She hit the nail on the head with her theme for this series, “Simple and sustainable!” She can also be found blogging at

@unstoppableunbreakable Dada is a true inspiration. The Tone It Up Bikini Series changed her life in 2017 and she continues to amaze us all with her persistence and beautiful heart!

@bunundone Morgan is a Chicago girl, like myself, and the 2017 Bikini Series Winner. She has great recipes and inspiration for giving it your all!

Are you doing the TIU Bikini Series? Let me know below!

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